Wearing Dresses During The Colder Months – Some Practical Tips To Keep Warm

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Wearing Dresses During The Colder Months – Some Practical Tips To Keep Warm

November 20, 2017 Latest Trends & Styles 0

There is no reason you need to think twice about wearing dresses when it starts to get chilly. Not only can you pair most outfits with amazing accessories or shoes to stand out, but it’s time to try experimenting with coats and scarves as well. You can use the cold weather as an opportunity to try a new look for fall or winter. There is no need to keep your favourite clothes away until the climate starts to get warmer – a few creative touches can help you create some good looks by mixing and matching.

Work With Layers

Layering your clothes will not only keep you feeling warm, but it can look quite fashionable. There are countless looks that you can try out with layering. Some ideas can include wearing a striped shirt with a simple sweater which will look quite stylish, or you can pair a knee-length cardigan with a long-sleeved blouse and jeans. Do have a look at fashion websites or blogs to get some ideas if you like, or simply experiment with your own style too.

Wear The Right Shoes

The colder seasons are the best times to wear some knee or thigh high boots, which look especially great with a variety of dresses. Instead of wearing strappy sandals with designer formal dresses, you can put on some classic pumps to keep warm instead. Ankle boots can also look great with shorter or knee-length dress, and you can select something with higher heels too.

Have A Few Good Coats

The cold season is the best time to get a few great coats for casual daily wear or finally use your old winter coats that still look fine. While selecting some rich dark colours will look good, other options such as neutral colours or patterned styles could work too. For example, a knee-length coat can be paired with mini dresses, jumpsuits from Perth or jeans . You can still look great for fancier events, but there are some style tips to consider such wearing a stylish coats or even a cape-style coat.

Make Other Additions To Keep Warm

Other clothing or accessories that are just right for winter include hats, scarves, tights and gloves – that can be nicely paired up or mixed with your everyday clothes. Scarves and hats will keep you warm and make an outfit stand out, especially with patterned or brightly coloured options too. You can easily pair something up with patterned tights or thick stocking as well – there is no need to stick to plain options either.