The Mistakes Of Buying Clothes You Need To Avoid!

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The Mistakes Of Buying Clothes You Need To Avoid!

January 15, 2018 Latest Trends & Styles 0

Shopping is one of the best ways to wind down your tensions and stress from work and life in general. Shopping for clothes can easily take your mind off other matters and improve your mood considerably – especially if you love clothes! To make sure that you won’t sour your mood further, however, there are certain mistakes you should avoid when shopping, with some being as follows:


  • Buying clothes that simply do not fit you – it might seem impossible, but many women actually do make the mistake of buying clothes that do not actually suit their size. This is either buying them on a whim – because they really like that specific Shona Joy playsuit – or because they buy clothes of the size they wish to be. Buying clothes without taking the size into consideration is simply asking for clothes that are either too tight or too loose for you. Always consider dress sizes before trying them, and try on clothes if you are not sure of their sizes.
  • Not tailoring clothes to fit you better – this might go somewhat against the previous point, but the truth is that even if you find the clothes of the exact right size for you, you will still find that the sleeves are too long, the waist too large, etc. This situation is common enough because clothes are mass-produced and not tailor-fit to a size. Plus, if you tend to buy your favourite clothes online – such as the beautiful Alex Perry dresses online – the problem is much more obvious. The thing is, in such circumstances, there is no reason why you cannot modify or tweak your clothes a little bit to make them fit you better. If you are good with the needle, you can try it yourself, or you can ask your local tailor to modify them a little for a small price.
  • Not trying clothes that catch your eye – when you make your rounds at the clothes store, there will definitely be a number of clothes that catch your eye, even if the specific clothes in question are of types you would never try on. Do not be intimidated by this fact – or by the perceived illusion that they would not fit you – and try them on. You will be surprised to find that clothes you thought would look bad on you actually make you look stunning!
  • Not being body positive – this has less to do with clothes and more with your self-confidence, but nonetheless, there can be quite a few instances where you try on clothes to find that they are too tight or loose for you. Do not fall into the thought pattern of believing that your body shape is wrong. There is no one perfect body size, but there are clothes that fit different body sizes better. That is all. For more information, please log on to