Different Techniques Of T-shirt Printing

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Different Techniques Of T-shirt Printing

January 8, 2018 Latest Trends & Styles 0

Printing t-shirt is an art. To create art there are different techniques that are being developed. You can create cute garments or clothing that makes a statement. These casual garments can be worn during any time of the day and if you want to make your own you need to have a sound knowledge of the different types of techniques that is available to print your graphics on t-shirts.

Screen printing

This is one of the common methods of printing but is not the best technique for production on all types of garments or graphics. This method is ideal if you want to have graphics that remain smooth and soft. A template must be created and then held on a screen, which was made from nylon mesh. Place ink of the nylon mesh screen and spread it all over. Carefully pull the screen off the garment and voila! You have a perfectly printed garment. Screen-printing is most suitable for large orders. You can inform your client a same day shirt delivery Brisbane guarantee given that it is a single design.

Direct to garment (DTG)

This is a new method that was introduced to the industry. This process paints the graphics straight on to the apparel. Your apparel basically is fed on the printer on a conveyer-belt and then it is printed. There is a specific printer called the DTG for this process that alone works best on white clothing. You can play around with darker garments but it will take a lot of practice. Although the equipment is expensive, the outcome won’t be as good as results from screen-printing.


You can only use shirt garments made from polyester only where you can even go to the extent of creating nice customised t shirts with designs all over. You can produce a vibrant colour garment by using as much as colours you want.

Cad cut vinyl and heat-press

This technique is perfect when working with words and small graphics. It doesn’t look good for large printed portions on a garment. Vinyl production produces a soft garment that is efficiently made using a cad cutter and specific software. This cut-out material will be pressed using heat on the t-shirt. You can assure your customers that the soft material will not crack.

Transfer paper

This procedure uses heat-press as well. However, the difference is that the graphics will be transferred from one surface to another surface permanently. It’s all about using heat and pressure to produce high quality prints.

If you want to start your own business or create customised t-shirts for fun use one of the above methods that you feel is suitable and cost effective for you.