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August 19, 2014 Latest Trends & Styles 0

Planning a wedding and budgeting are hard, in fact, very hard to do. We all want our wedding day to be a huge celebration for our family and friends to enjoy. It is worth remembering as you embark on your wedding planning journey that everyone just wants you and your partner to be happy and being in debt from the get-go won’t be the start that they’ll want for you. So being realistic with what you can afford to do is the best way forward. Thinking of ways to save some money like maybe doing the catering yourself or making your own dress. You may not even have to go that far as you could reduce the number of attendees, choose a cheaper venue or only offer soft drinks and have a bar for any alcoholic ones.

But there is one easy way to save money and it doesn’t detract from your big day is the ring that you choose. You may have always wanted a white gold diamond engagement ring but that might now be out of the price range. Have you considered looking at wedding rings in Sydney CBD or rings of your preferred setting but in a smaller size? You could always opt for just a lovely diamond wedding band for women and no engagement ring as such thereby combining the traditional two rings into one purchase. It might be worth saving the idea of the matching diamond stud earrings or the platinum men’s wedding bands for another day!

I also like the idea of getting your dress made for you. A good seamstress is worth their weight in gold and I’m not talking about a designer dressmaker, just an ordinary individual with good skills. You can purchase the dress material yourself, check out custom engagement rings in Sydney and then get the expert to put it all together for you. The dresses that have been made specifically for one lady always look stunning and you can tailor the dress to your exact requirements within the budget.

Another way is to ask a group of friends to help out too. They could choose not to purchase you a gift but could organise the wedding band or the alcoholic drinks for the celebration. Most friends know that paying for a wedding is expensive and ideally they would want to give you a present you’ll appreciate. This is a perfect way of you getting your ideal day and for your friends getting you exactly what you want! However you choose to budget for your big day, it is always worth thinking about the options and where you are willing to compromise. You will probably find that you can have most of your big day but maybe not all of it!